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Season runs June 10 - December 7 (weather permitting!)

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Delivery Zones & Schedule

Lake County Deliveries

Every Tuesday from June 11 - December 7

Confirm your order by Sunday at 9pm for Tuesday deliveries between 3 - 8 pm

Napa County Deliveries

Every Wednesday from June 12 - December 7

Confirm your delivery by Monday at 9pm for Wednesday deliveries between 8 am - noon


Sprouting Answers to Your FAQs

When does the season start?
Our season is estimated to begin June 10 and run through December 7. We'll text you about a week in advance to let you know when our first harvest/season kicks off!

When's my first payment due?
We run a flexible CSA, which means you're only charged when you order. Beginning May 21 (estimate), you'll receive a text message alert when our harvest starts, with the option to “skip” by 9pm that day to opt out of the week's delivery.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver to Lake County and Napa County along the Hwy 29 Corridor. View delivery schedule.

Are there any setup fees?
In lieu of any set up or membership fees, we charge a standard $7 delivery fee and small service fee to cover the cost of payment processing and maintaining our CSA website. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support!

Do you accept EBT?
We sure do! EBT customers have access to the Regular Box for $20, and Large Box for $30. To pay for your CSA boxes with EBT, please sign up  with a valid credit card and delivery address, and use referral code: EBT2024.

Please note: this will require you to be home and present to pay for your CSA box upon delivery each week. If you have any questions, feel free to click on the chat support in the bottom right corner of the CSA sign up page here.

Have more questions?
Email us any time at livingbeingfarms@gmail.com

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